Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hair Chop

So as you can see I cut my hair a little bit. I've always had shorter hair so about 4 years ago I decided to see if I could grow my hair out. I wanted to cut it after while but then decided I might as well grow it long enough so I could donate it. So last Friday that's what I did, I cut and donated 13 inches of my hair to Locks of Love and I feel great!!! I loved my long hair but I've never been great with styling my hair or doing crazy updos so shorter hair just suits my more. Plus I am on a quest to be "French girl chic" at all times so I think I am that achieving it more with this do. What do you all prefer, long hair or short hair??

Outfit Details:
Top from The Limited
Pants from H&M
Shoes and Necklace from Forever 21
Watch by DKNY

Love Always, xoxo


  1. Your hair looks amazing!


  2. I love this look for you! I even think it could go shorter :) So happy for you that you went for the hair chop!!

  3. LOVE the new hair, Larissa!! I think the "French girl chic" style is PERFECT for you. I can totally see you pulling it off flawlessly.