Monday, July 2, 2012

Blush & Blue

Sorry for the break in posts, between not having A/C in my apartment, these power outages and work being crazy I haven't had a moment to sit and blog without sweating to death. I love summer, especially cause my birthday is in August but I HATE being really hot especially when it leads to sweating. UGH. 

If this crazy heat keeps up I will be living in satin all summer. I love this romper because it is so fun and but it is also very light weight which is beyond necessary for these 100 degree days. Its a pretty loud piece so I chose to pair it with a neutral pair of shoes and cardigan. These shoes are so adorable, I just love how chic they are. 

What are you wearing to stay cool??

Outfit Details:
Blue polka dot romper from Up Against The Wall
Blush cardigan from H&M
Blush heels by Kimichi and Blue from Urban Outfitters
White watch by Fossil
Silver earrings from Forever 21
 Love Always xoxo

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  1. Cuteee! I love those shoes.!