Tuesday, March 26, 2013

That Time I Met Rebecca Minkoff

A week or so ago I went to Saks Fifth Ave in Stony Point Fashion Park, to attend a meet and greet with fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff. Minkoff has been in the mainstream since 2005, when she designed her first handbag that she named the “Morning After Bag”. The iconic bag ignited Rebecca’s career and she has been designing luxury handbags, accessories, footwear and apparel collections ever since. I've always loved the "downtown romantic" vibe that her collections possess and am OBSESSED with her Spring 2013 collection. Another thing I have always really liked about Minkoff is that she is constantly collaborating and involving fashion bloggers in her work, most notably Leandra Medine, of The Man Repeller.

Of course I was a nervous wreck trying to figure out what to wear, so I decided to go classic me: all black and fab shoes. When I got to Saks I did a walk around the store and checked out the great shoes, bags and clothing from Minkoff's Spring 2013 collection, which included lots of pastel, bright and crisp white pieces. After I spotted where Minkoff was meeting with people and signing their pieces by her I decided to grab one of her chic phone cases and have it signed. Rebecca was just as sweet and even more beautiful in person, it was such a pleasure meeting her!!! Check out my pictures of the event below!!

Outfit Details:
Dress from Phoenix
Jacket from Up Against The Wall
Shoes from B-Sides
Bag from H&M
Earrings from Need Supply
Necklace from Ashby

 Love Always, xoxo


  1. Sounds amazing! I love your necklace
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  2. she's so pretty! I always imagined she'd be blonde.
    Like your triangle necklace, I am really into triangles right now