Sunday, September 1, 2013

2nd Hand First Photoshoot

I wore this outfit a week ago for a photo shoot that one of my favorite blogging friends put together. Sydney is the blogger behind Chic Stripes and features all things second hand in Richmond. Her blog is fantastic and she has lots of great ideas so when she approached me to be apart of her "2nd Hand First" photo shoot I was ecstatic!! My job was to put together an outfit consisting of all second hand items. It was so fun to pull out all my 2nd hand pieces and see how many there were and how many awesome designer pieces I have scored over the years. I wanted to go with a really chic and edgy look so I paired my new Stella McCartney tee with this black pencil skirt, strappy brown sandals and gold jewelry. The shoot was held at Urban Farmhouse, in Shockoe Bottom and featured some other RVA bloggers so be on the lookout for the full shoot in the October/November issue of Grid Magazine!!
On a bit of a sad note these photos are the last time you will be seeing this purse because 2 days after this when I was walking home from work in Carytown I was mugged. I had just gone to the ATM and was talking on the phone while walking home when all of a sudden I felt my purse being pulled away from me. I chased the idiot for a block but lost him along with my purse, wallet, keys, makeup, etc. So if you live in Richmond the moral of the story is don't get too comfortable. It may feel like a tiny little town at times but this is still a city and anything can happen.
**Side note: I am totally fine, I just want people to know that this doesn't just happen in NYC, it can happen in broad daylight on a busy street anywhere so be careful and aware of your surroundings at all times people
Photos by Brian McDaniel of

Outfit Details:
Top by Stella McCartney from Clementine
Skirt from Ashby
Shoes by Nine West from Clementine
Purse from B-Sides
Jewelry from B-Sides, Ashby and Clementine

Love Always, xoxo

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