Friday, June 15, 2012

Seafoam Green and Sparkles

Even on my days off when I am just running errands and such, I have a tendancy to over dress. This is a free country and you may all do as you please, however I think sweat pants, leggings, loose t shirts, yoga wear etc. is completely unacceptable to be worn in public. Now I am not denying that every once in awhile on a Saturday morning I will run out for my morning latte without being completely done up, but it just doesn't feel right (again this is MY opinion for myself, if you want to go out in leggings and a cami do your thing girl). My go to for a causal day of blogging and running errands is a loose and flowy maxi or circle skirt, like this one from H&M. It is so sassy and chic but still very comfortable. I paired it with this embellished tshirt by JCrew, which is also very comfotable and light weight but still dressy enough to make me feel complete. 

These sparkly wedges (which were originally plain blue from Target and I glittered them myself!! Look forward to a post about that later) are my go to for comfort and sass. The small wedge is enough to make me feel not feel so cutesy but still be comfortable when running around town.

What is your go to for a casual day outfit?? Do you have any

Outfit Details:
Beaded top by JCrew from Clementine Warehouse Sale
Tulle skirt from H&M
Glitter shoes originally from Target but DIYed by me!
Earrings by Betsey Johnson
Watch by Fossil
Purse by Coach

Love Always xoxo


  1. The idea of glitter shoes is genuis! Another girl whose blog I follow spray painted a pair of shoes. I may just have to get DIY on a few of mine now.

    1. Thanks!! Yea these shoes were starting to look really rough so I gave them a glitter makeover and they are as good as new!!