Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tutu Girl

I love how absolutely ridiculous I look in this dress. I got it on sale for $10 and just loved how silly and girly it was but never really planned on wearing it out in public. The other day I noticed it hanging in my closet and asked my self what was really holding me back from wearing it? The fact that it makes me look 5? Was it because its so short? Or was it because lets be real, who takes anyone in a tutu seriously?? I realized it was a combination of all those points but really...WHO CARES?! Its flippin adorable and makes me feel so cute and sassy, so I will now be wearing this lots. 

In the past year I have made a huge effort to stop being so concerned with what others may think about my outfits and just dress for me. Fashion and getting dressed up loses its fun side when you have too many rules and regulations, so I say to hell with the rules and concerns and just have fun, isn't that what fashion is all about?!?

Do you have any silly outfits or pieces that you love??

Outfit Details:
Grey and white tutu dress from Up Against The Wall
Blush cardigan from H&M
Bejeweled flats from Target (also seen here)
Black purse by Coach (also see here)
Earrings by Vera Wang for Kohls
Rhinestone bow necklace from Forever 21
Watch by Fossil 
Love Always xoxo

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