Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Orange Sunset

I actually really hate wearing brown but I just love this dress. I got it years ago in Florida and only wear it once or twice every summer but I just can't part with it. I think it looks great paired with turquoise or coral, like I did in this outfit. I also wore my favorite and only pair of sandals because I hate my feet so wearing sandals isn't exactly ideal for me but these babies are just too cool. Maybe another cool pair will make me a fan again.

Brian and I met up the other day and decided to take these photos kind of spur of the moment and I just love the way they turned out. The lighting was so good and the suns orange hues match my outfit perfectly :]

Do you have any pieces in your closet that you love but rarely wear??

Photos by Brian McDaniel of Dirty Richmond

Outfit Details:
Brown dress by Lucky Brand
Coral cardigan from H&M (also seen here)
Black and nude sandals from Urban Outfitters
Brown sunglasses from my mothers closet
Black leather purse by Coach
Feather necklace from Forever 21 
Heart shaped gold and leopard bracelet by Betsey Johnson
Assorted bracelets thrifted by me and gifted to me

 Love Always xoxo


  1. I love those sandals! They are so cute!


    1. Thanks!! Love your blog!! I am following you now :]

  2. Brown and peach I would never have put those colours together but your making it work girly, nice pics :)

  3. I like this color combo! The black and nude sandals add a great touch of contrast as well!